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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18th 2014 Update around the yard!

Bottle Palm with some tomato plants, a ti plant, and schefflera.

Some tropicals including some plumerias breaking dormancy, my big Monstera, and a mandevilla.

New furniture with some old plants!

Rubber tree, pygmy palm, and my Scott Pratt Plumeria.

My newly purchased Ribbon Palm. Got it for a nice price.

The palms this year have all been ridiculously expensive so I will definitely be keeping my Adondila palm inside for another winter indoors when the time comes! 

My largest plumeria is getting really tall now. One of my favorite plants.

Pool plants. Brugmansia, Trachycarpus, Livistonia, Alocasia, ginger, cannas, and some colocasias.

Gazebo plants. My largest hibiscus is in this pic.

Succulent pot.

Colocasias starting to grow!

Fig is starting to finally grow back!

Alocasia that was sold as a Black Magic Colocasia.

Confederate Jasmine. Awesome fragrance!

My unprotected and sick trachy took a really hard beating after this past winter so I replaced it with a trachy seedling I had.

New Washy! I finally found one locally at a good price. Can't wait to watch it grow! 

Tried some cosmo flowers for the first time and they are pretty nice plants. 

Popcorn plant! I didn't know they bloomed this small.

Kleim's Hardy Gardenia made it through the winter really well. It was protected with a tarp and some C-7 lights. Should be blooming in another week or 2! 

Colocasias and Coleus. 

Ensete and my new Loquat. 

After not seeing blooms since 2010  my Eastern Prickly Pear is finally blooming. Don't know what I did wrong the past 3 years but I'm glad I did something right!

View of the front yard.

Zuni Crape Myrtle with some Spanish Moss.

Kopper King Hibiscus.

Cosmo Flower.

Mexican Sunflower. Nice plant!

Alocasia and Colocasia.

Med fan palm recovering well after being defoliated this winter when the protection failed on a 3F night. 

Brahea had spear pull randomly, but it is making a new one! 

Frostproof Gardenia had some protection and some defoliation, but it is beginning to make a comeback!

My Southern mag made it through its first winter really well! 

The blooms smell a lot like my Brugmansias!

Unprotected Silver Med Fan palm. The pups did receive some protection since the palm shelters next to them overlapped. The mother plant had complete defoliation and spear pull but it is making new fronds! I'm really impressed. 

Cannas are coming up! These are newly planted, my old cannas did not survive the cold winter this year. 

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